The Science of Eating for Your Menstrual Cycle

Recording: The Science of Eating for Your Menstrual Cycle, Date TBA

Did you learn about your menstrual cycle in health class? In all likelihood, your education didn’t go much further than your period and whether to choose tampons or pads, Advil or birth control.
Most menstruators grow up thinking of their cycle as a monthly inconvenience — something that’s painful or even embarrassing.
But there’s so much more to women’s monthly cycles. In fact, some doctors even refer to it as the fifth vital sign. In this panel, three nutrition experts will share everything there is to learn from our cycles — the nuances of its four phases, what your period can tell you about your overall health, and how to eat to biohack your way to healthier hormones.

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Marissa Epstein

Springdale Ventures

Kate Morton

Funk It Wellness

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