We Need Outer Space. Let's Clean It Up!

Mar 13, 2022

2:30pm – 3:30pm CT

Without realizing it, we on Earth are heavily reliant on the technology orbiting space. Global satellite communications tie the world together. Satellite phones enable communications to remote parts of the world. GPS satellites not only let us navigate to our destination, they keep accurate time and enable us to use ATMs and our credit cards. Satellites also show crop health and support first responders in disasters. Without satellites, our every day lives would be severely disrupted; global business would grind to a halt. In fact, governments would struggle to operate. But, with 2,200 satellites in low Earth orbit today and tens of thousands expected to launch in the next decade, how do we keep space decluttered and available, not just for future satellites but human spaceflight.

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photo of Moriba Jah
Moriba Jah


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Patrick Kelly

Millennium Space Systems

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Lindsey Polley

Starburst Aerospace Accelerator

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Charity Weeden


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