The Future of Influence Doesn’t Involve Humans

Mar 12, 2022

4:00pm – 5:00pm CT

Recording: The Future of Influence Doesn’t Involve Humans, Mar 12, 2022

LOCATION: Hilton Austin - Salon C
What relevance do human beings have in a digital world? As our consumption habits, interests, priorities, and lives rely more and more on digital substitutes, understanding how you can play a role becomes crucial as a creator, founder, or leader. Virtual influencers are digital characters created in computer graphics software, then given a personality defined by a first-person view, and made accessible on media platforms for the sake of influence. Virtual influencers already enjoy nearly 3x the engagement rate of conventional social influencers, and as digital natives age into consumption over the coming decade, interest in entirely digital personas will only continue to grow. Who are the big players in the virtual influencer industry today?

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