Spacetech: The Next Frontier

Mar 13, 2022

10:00am – 11:00am CT

Chris Kemp leads Astra, the fastest privately funded company to reach space. That milestone is just the beginning as Astra is ramping up its tech and manufacturing with the goal of launching a rocket into space daily starting from 2025 — all in service to the mission of improving life on Earth from space.
Chris, formerly NASA’s CTO, can explain the promise of “spacetech.” This burgeoning industry goes beyond the transport-focused aerospace field by building software, hardware, and systems for a robust space economy. Astra is poised to be a catalyst for spacetech with its frequent and cost-efficient launches that will make space accessible for entrepreneurs. This conversation will examine how Chris and Astra are defining spacetech and what it will mean for life on Earth.

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