The 7 Galaxies of Intimacy

Mar 16, 2022

11:30am – 1:00pm CT

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We have a pandemic of loneliness and sex won’t cure it. At least not on its own. But intimacy will! If we can expand our definition of what intimacy is. We have been so focused on the North Star of sex & romance for so long, we’ve neglected to see that there are entire galaxies of connection out there!
My session would be a talk on the 7 types of intimacy — or — galaxies, and could include the opportunity for participants to sketch their own personal constellation. Our constellation is bound to morph throughout the course of our lives, and we may not have all 7 galaxies represented at any given time. But we need to know these galaxies exist! We need to comprehend just how many opportunities there are for closeness!
Diagrams help. ;)

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Lila Donnolo

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