When Brands Are Strong Hispanic Allies, We All Win

Recording: When Brands Are Strong Hispanic Allies, We All Win, Date TBA

No matter what you call this community — Hispanics, Latinx, Latin@ — it’s time to recognize that big brands aren't paying enough attention to these consumers. Despite the fact that this demographic is a growing powerhouse, most brands still view multicultural marketing as “nice-to-have” when budget and bandwidth allow. But what’s more, these same brands are less likely to get involved with Hispanic causes — even intersectional ones — or to actionize and demonstrate support. As a result, they’re failing to build emotional connections with a diverse group that could drive the growth they’re seeking. In this session, Marina Filippelli, CEO of Orci, will explain how brands can proactively shift course now by demonstrating commitment to foster allyship and win over this community in meaningful ways.

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