Featured Session: Impact of “Instagram Syndrome” on Entrepreneurs’ Mental Health

Recording: Featured Session: Impact of “Instagram Syndrome” on Entrepreneurs’ Mental Health, Date TBA

The conversation around entrepreneurship often focuses on the difficulties of raising funds, building a team, and mundane logistics. But we don't talk enough about perhaps the most important aspect of the journey: the massive mental toll inflicted on leaders.

Young innovators are suffering from “Instagram Syndrome” - the idea that everyone has hustled their way to a fully funded company and a matching lifestyle by 30. But this curated perfect reality couldn’t be further from the truth.

Get real advice from Rob LoCascio, CEO and founder of LivePerson; Tim Storey, mental health advocate and life coach; and Gemma Correll, mental health influencer, as they explore how we can better prepare leaders for the struggles and path ahead.

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Gemma Correll

Gemma Correll

Cindy Eckert

Sprout Pharmaceuticals / The Pink Ceiling / Slate Pharmaceuticals

Tim Storey

Storey Dreams Foundation

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