Under His AI: Human Consciousness and Technology

Mar 15, 2022

11:30am – 12:30pm CT

The future of humanity lies in the hands of conscious creators who connect with life. Tech gurus predict A.I. will soon become conscious, but perhaps we should ask ourselves: “Is humanity conscious enough to be trusted with A.I.?” 
A.I. helps us make more money, optimize supply chains, surveil populations, catch the consumer in vulnerable moments to sell a product, and find faster routes. Artist Pinar Demirdag shows how she uses A.I. as a tool, like a brush, wrench or TV. An amazing tool, not to be confused with the program it shows.  
What makes us human is the capacity to dream, create and manifest. Humanity’s power lies in its collective consciousness. Unless we reinvest in next level human values, we will continue using A.I. to manipulate, divide and destabilize the collective.

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photo of Pinar Demirdag
Pinar Demirdag

Seyhan Lee

photo of Ine Gevers
Ine Gevers

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