How Open AI Models Enable Artists To Innovate

Mar 16, 2022

11:30am – 12:30pm CT

Over the last 5 years, AI has become more accessible and usable. AI researchers now release the models that they've trained on vast amounts of data, letting anyone use the result. This has created a surge of innovation among artists across multiple mediums who are using these models to generate art in unique ways. This panel highlights some prominent innovators in the space: Jane Adams is a PhD candidate in Data Visualization, and GAN artist by the name of nodradek; Dalena Tran directed the music video "Incomplete", merging AI & 3D compositing; Hans Brouwer created Wavefunk, a music video generator that morphs to the beat or chord of any song; Ryan Groves is the co-organizer of the AI Song Contest and founder of Infinite Album where they generate music for livestreamers.

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photo of Jane Adams
Jane Adams / Northeastern University

photo of Hans Brouwer
Hans Brouwer


photo of Ryan Groves
Ryan Groves

Infinite Album

photo of Dalena Tran
Dalena Tran

sooz global

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