The Creator Economy & Brands: How to Build Trust

Recording: The Creator Economy & Brands: How to Build Trust, Date TBA

Disclaimer: This video was pre-recorded before the event. Later, the panelists were able to attend in person for their SXSW 2022 session.

Brands engaging in the creator economy can get a bad rep — and often for good reason. There’s no doubt you’ve heard about big name brands offering no compensation to partners for their work, flooding creators with requests for whatever “diversity category” is trending, and pushing discount codes from creators who have never actually used their product. The delicate relationship between a brand, a creator, and their audience can be quickly chipped away by companies looking to drive cash and save face, and not create genuine connections. Join this panel of industry experts to learn how you can build brand and creator relationships on a foundation of trust to drive long term channel growth and success (yes, we're talking monetary success) for everyone involved.

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Shannon Beveridge

Now This Is Living

Samir Chaudry

Colin and Samir

Kaya Yurieff

The Information

Lauren Zoltick


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