Why Your Grandma's Podcast Is Better Than Yours

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Your podcast stinks. That's why over 50% of the podcasts currently on Apple Podcasts have been abandoned after 5 episodes... it's a metric ton of work and doesn't seem to bring the ROI you hoped of 4-hour workweeks, instant FAME, and sipping martinis on a boat. Well, YET. Learn what it takes to simplify the workflow of creating an episodic podcast to build a devoted audience (and pipeline) of your Ultimate Ideal Clients who take you EVERYWHERE... in the shower, on their commute, and in their head. Crack the code on attracting top thought leaders to interview and how to nurture those relationships to open doors/windows/back alleyways to get you, your podcast and your brand recognition to hit your quarterly revenue targets. Your grandma knows that storytelling brings all the boys to the yard

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