I Quit My Job to Save Local Journalism

Mar 12, 2022

2:30pm – 3:30pm CT

The decline of local newspapers has left many Americans with fewer ways to stay informed and connected to their communities. Fortunately, there's plenty of promising innovation in this area. This session will highlight three female founders who had long careers at legacy news outlets and are now reshaping local journalism. They recently launched startups that aim to connect people with their communities through a combination of in-person or virtual forums, individual interviews, targeted newsletters, reader-generated story ideas and membership programs. They’re finding creative ways to bring readers closer not just to the news, but to each other.

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photo of Rubina Fillion
Rubina Fillion

The New York Times

photo of S. Mitra Kalita
S. Mitra Kalita

URL Media/Epicenter-Nyc

photo of Irene McKisson
Irene McKisson

Az Luminaria

photo of Kelsey Ryan
Kelsey Ryan

The Beacon

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