AI Ain’t All It: Innate Intelligence Drives Action

Mar 13, 2022

2:30pm – 3:30pm CT

Recording: AI Ain’t All It: Innate Intelligence Drives Action, Mar 13, 2022

AI will only get you so far. You also need to trigger people’s deep-rooted, instinctive responses: their Innate Intelligence. Cognitive research shows most decisions are made reflexively — based on automatic patterns ingrained in the brain to help early humans survive. Today those same patterns impact purchasing decisions. They compel attraction or avoidance. So AI revealing what to say, at what point, to whom isn’t enough. How you say it is what can automatically command attention and prompt a hardwired response. Discover the Endowment Effect, Rhyme as Reason Bias, and other heuristics and cognitive biases that trigger instinctive, innate behaviors. See why Innate Intelligence is the powerful complement to AI — and why not using it actually hobbles AI’s effectiveness.

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Nancy Harhut

HBT Marketing

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