Jonathan Greenblatt and Jeffrey Goldberg on Extreme Political Polarization

Recording: Jonathan Greenblatt and Jeffrey Goldberg on Extreme Political Polarization, Date TBA

Americans need not look far to find examples of unbridled hate, systemic violence, and democratic collapse around the world, but often ignore the very same looming threats in their own backyard. At a time when democracies internationally are facing unprecedented threats, and as the world turns its focus to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, join CEO of the storied ADL (the Anti-Defamation League) Jonathan Greenblatt in conversation with Jeffrey Goldberg, editor-in-chief of The Atlantic, for a timely discussion of how antisemitism, racism, and other insidious forms of intolerance can destroy a society, taking root as quiet prejudices but mutating over time into horrific acts of brutality.

In his urgent book, It Could Happen Here, Greenblatt sounds an alarm, warning that this age-old trend is gathering momentum in the United States—and that violence on an even larger, more catastrophic scale could be just around the corner. Drawing on ADL’s decades of experience in fighting hate through investigative research, education programs, and legislative victories, as well as his own personal story and his background in business and government, Greenblatt offers a bracing primer on how we—as individuals, as organizations, and as a society—can strike back against hate.

Similarly, The Atlantic has made covering threats to democracy and the rise of global authoritarianism a priority of its editorial coverage–notably with a recent special issue devoted to the topic arguing that “January 6 Was Practice.” As Goldberg and Greenblatt will discuss, just because it could happen here, does not mean that the unthinkable is inevitable.

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