Co-Creation: Lessons from a Music/Media DAO

Mar 16, 2022

10:00am – 11:00am CT

In this talk, Cherie Hu will retrace her journey in transitioning Water & Music (her highly cited music-industry newsletter) into becoming a community-operated DAO. Drawing both on direct operational experience as a current DAO leader, and on over five years worth of critical analysis on Web3 applications for the music industry, Cherie will outline her vision for how DAOs can potentially change the playbook for the business of music, media and research at large. You will walk away from this presentation with a fresh perspective on fundamental questions like: How do you even define a DAO in the first place, and when does it make sense (or not) to launch one? How can thoughtful token design encourage new models of collective creation and financing in culture? What challenges do more Web2-native communities face in transitioning to Web3 rails, and what kinds of tools can today's developers and entrepreneurs build to help usher these communities into a new era?

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photo of Cherie Hu
Cherie Hu

Water & Music

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