Featured Session: A Colossal Mission: A Case for De-Extinction

New technological advancements make de-extinction possible – but should we do it? What if the rewilding of critical extinct species, as proxies to their original habitats, could help restore lost ecosystems and combat the effects of climate change? At Colossal, a team of world-renowned genetic scientists are using breakthrough advances in CRISPR technology to pioneer a practical and working model of animal de-extinction, beginning with the restoration of the Woolly Mammoth to the Arctic Tundra. Join us in conversation with Colossal CEO Ben Lamm and Head of Biological Sciences Eriona Hysolli for a deep-dive look into the science and opportunities behind species restoration and a groundbreaking new approach to conservation.

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Richard Garriott

The Explorers Club

Eriona Hysolli

Colossal Biosciences

Ben Lamm

Colossal Biosciences

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