Sports x Social Impact: The Sweater and the Thread

Mar 13, 2022

2:30pm – 3:30pm CT

When we buy a sweater we don’t see that garment as a collection of unassociated threads. The thread is the sweater. And so it is with social impact and sports. Amidst a global pandemic and a national awakening to longstanding racial and social injustices, this connection was illuminated, accelerated, and strengthened.

Current events, the changing media landscape, and the evolving nature of fandom are just some of the environmental factors forcing us to move beyond the idea that we’re simply in a moment for athletes and the sports world engaging in social issues. Rather, we’re in a movement of knowing, feeling, and embracing the boom of sports’ individual and collective voices.

Join sector leaders, disruptors, and re-imaginers for a living room conversation that celebrates where we are in this journey, and hear how the sports world moves forward with the responsibility of influence.

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