10 Short-Term Transportation Trends to Watch

Recording: 10 Short-Term Transportation Trends to Watch, Date TBA

The importance of transportation technologies came into sharp focus over the past year as freight, trucking, ports, and other transportation assets in the supply chain exceeded capacity, contributing to high inflation and driving some business operations to a virtual standstill. As in many markets, high prices cure high prices. It's why there are great hopes for innovation to alleviate challenges in the goods supply chain. But there is also a growing focus on retail consumer transportation disruptions ahead. 

This discussion examines some important trends, opportunities, risks, and challenges for electric vehicles, self-driving vehicles, flying vehicles, drones, space travel, trains, boats, and other modes of transport and mobility. EV, automation, and AI technologies are widely expected to dominate transportation advancements in short order. But there remain some important material science issues, the need for fault tolerance resets, and an increased prioritization of ROI in a rising interest rates environment. 

At a time when fundamental global supply chain issues remain significant, what does that say about the lofty hopes for widespread innovation? Jason Schenker, Chairman of The Futurist Institute, explores this question — and the different needs and wants for transportation technology trends of the future.

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Jason Schenker

The Futurist Institute

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