90 Minute Film School

Mar 14, 2022

4:00pm – 5:30pm CT

Accessibility as a Creative Asset
Kiah Amara
There are major benefits to hiring Disabled people from Development through Distribution as well as considering Disabled audiences and the often untapped billion-dollar market they represent. Regardless of Disability, the accessibility that including these individuals brings means a healthier and more compassionate industry space for all.

Allyship in Action: Creating Set Opportunities Through Mentorship
Sam Feder
How do we as filmmakers create opportunities for marginalized communities while enhancing the quality of our projects? Sam Feder uses the case study of making DISCLOSURE to share how mentorship is essential to all productions.

Collaborating with a Composer to Craft a Compelling Score
Kristina James
We will talk about the basics of what to expect when adding a composer to the filmmaking team. We will cover topics like what it means to choose the right composer, breaking down the score budget, what to expect in the collaboration process and more. 

A Film Only a Festival Could Love?
Anna Feder
How do you know if your film is festival friendly and where does it go if it isn't destined for the fest circuit? How do you articulate your goals so you know when you’ve achieved them? A case study from a 25 year veteran film festival programmer with her first documentary short.

Shifting Exhibition Landscapes:Thinking Beyond the Festival
Lela Meadow-Conner
With over 20 years of experience in the film festival industry, Lela Meadow-Conner will share timeless information about your film’s festival journey, and new ways to think about building your audience in the new virtual landscape. 

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photo of Kiah Amara
Kiah Amara

Indievisible Entertainment

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Anna Feder

Bright Lights Cinema Series At Emerson College

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Sam Feder

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Kristina James

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