Mar 19, 2022

10:00am – 10:45am CT

Channel 3

해파리 HAEPAARY (pronounce as ‘he̞pʰa̠ɾi’) is an alt-electronic duo, consisting of HYEWON (instrumentalist) and MINHEE (vocalist) from Seoul, South Korea. They have reinterpreted the melodies and lyrics of Jongmyojeryeak, the royal shrine music of the Joseon dynasty; and Namchang Gagok, a Korean traditional vocal genre that has always been performed exclusively by men. 해파리 HAEPAARY's music brilliantly disentangles the rigid formality and discipline of Confucian music, rearticulating the old through rave and trance. It’s a new ritualistic universe that’s heavy but light, strict but free, restrained but inviting dance -- a universe of contradictory desires.

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