Mar 17, 2022

7:50pm – 8:00pm CT

Half Step

To be a revolutionary means to cause a dramatic change; and in a day plagued with copied beats & borrowed flows, Music has become stagnant with a select styles which one man seeks to evolve — I introduce, Migs718 . Hailing from Staten Island [NY] and representing it proudly, in 2017, Migs718 sought out to reform and shape a sound that he simply wasn’t finding. His track “Movado” was the first to put the mission in motion and not just bring him to light, but allowed Migs718 to rise above the masses. Thus paving the way for other hit singles such as “Stop” , “Seven” , and “Yetii” to accumulate over 2 million streams across platforms. Migs718 evolved from a Dancer to DJ turned Artist. Combining influence from Hip Hop, Rock, Pop, and Dance music. It’s these influences from his past & his multifaceted talents which allow Migs718 to produce an energy in his music that goes beyond kinetic. And it’s that exact kinetic energy which mirrors his released music directly into his live performances. Utilizing this unique quiver of talents with dynamic lyrics and dramatically deep bass-driven beats, Migs718 is set to usher in a new era of music. 

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Staten Island, NY