Presented by Kohai Live with AOMG


Mar 19, 2022

12:00am – 12:30am CT


This performance is part of the showcase that starts on Friday, March 18at Elysium

Cho Yoon Kyung (Chloe), also known as DeVita, is a South Korean singer, drawing inspiration from Cinema Paradiso’s Salvatore Di Vita and Argentina’s former first lady Evita Peron. She has been showing her artistic potential by collaborating with multiple artists such as Jay Park, GRAY, Ugly Duck, Woo, etc.

DeVita's debut EP [CRÈME], which marks DeVita’s beginning, portrays her refined sensibility in a profound way of which unusual for a rookie. The EP [CRÈME], titled after 'crème de la crème’, meaning ‘best of the best’ in French, consists of five carefully selected tracks, all based on her struggles and growth for the last three years.

One of the dual-title, ‘EVITA!’ opens with beat-heavy drums followed by a jazzy mix of instrumentals to set the ominous but soulful mood of the song. In contrast, the second title ‘All About You’, filled with subtle expression and appealing voice, invites listeners into DeVita’s innermost emotions. While both tracks are easy and comfortable on the ear, DeVita’s debut EP [CRÈME] leaves a powerful and lasting impression and makes listeners pay attention and look forward to her upcoming move.

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