Presented by Music From Ireland


Mar 17, 2022

8:00pm – 8:40pm CT

The Velveeta Room

“I didn’t really know where I fit, I was always in the middle of a lot of things,” explains Sprints vocalist Karla Chubb. “Not super femme, but not super masculine; tough on the exterior, but super sensitive on the inside. I grew up queer, but I was very much in denial about it and it took a long time for me to accept myself. I didn’t want to be what anyone thought I was. I wanted to be what I wanted to be.”

Though Dublin quartet Sprints’ debut EP ‘Manifesto’, released at the start of 2021, may have taken the title for itself, pretty much everything that goes into the band’s cathartic punk battle-cries can be seen as something of a call-to-arms: an attempt to silence the internal doubting voices, to fight against the outdated social tropes that box in individuality, and to provide a space of solidarity for those kicking against the same pricks. Everything that goes into Sprints is, essentially, about being what you want to be.

“Particularly as a young woman, people will tell you what you are your whole life, I was always told that I wouldn’t amount to much,” Karla continues. “[Sometimes I get] those voices that are like, you’re worth shit, you’re not good enough, there are a mill

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