credit: Sam Hohls

Presented by BBC Music

Baby Queen

Mar 18, 2022

11:00pm – 11:40pm CT

British Music Embassy @ Cedar Street Courtyard

The British monarchy aside, Baby Queen, real royalty, reigns supreme. The 23-year-old South Africa-born, London-based artist (real name Bella Latham) arrived in the pop sphere barely a year ago, but has already carved her name deep into its fabric with her crooked sceptre. She is, whether you’re ready or not, the genre’s new anti-hero.

Since her first release last summer “Internet Religion”, a takedown of how social media warps her generation, she has dropped a steady slew of singles that placed her at the forefront of a musical movement. As teens and twenty-somethings are swallowed by the whirlpool of culture, forced to follow fads and resign themselves to a digital existence, Baby Queen arrived with the promise of a fresh perspective that stuck a pin in the bullshit that oppressed her and her peers.

Doctoring your Insta selfies to look perfect? “Pretty Girl Lie” cuts through the facade. Fantasising about falling for someone who’s not interested? “Want Me” will leave you feeling seen. Depressed as hell at a house party? “Buzzkill” is your new anthem. They all form the backbone of Medicine, Baby Queen’s debut EP that paired alt-pop sensibilities with scathing, stark social comme

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