Episodic Pilot Program

Mar 14, 9:00am CDT – Mar 21, 9:00am CDT

(168 hours)

Ivy, 22, a small town waitress is about to move to New York City to pursue theater with her best friend, Taz, when a solar flare disrupts all airline travel and forces her to stay in her small town. Ivy starts to experience blackouts as a result of solar flare which causes her mind to become unstuck in time.

Based on the critically acclaimed one woman show, and award-winning young adult novel, Brownsville Bred. Elaine is a spunky eight year old, living with her Mom, Dad, and three half-siblings as one of the only Puerto Rican families in the welfare projects of Brownsville, Brooklyn, in 1980s New York City. Her best friends are her intellectually disabled aunt, Elizabeth, and her musically gifted, salsa-loving father, Manny. Elaine idolizes her father and is incredibly proud that she has inherited his artististic ways. Through Elaine’s young eyes, life is perfect. But everything comes crashing down when she discovers a tragic truth that will affect her life forever.

Hidden Kingdom follows five different dancers in New York to reveal the rich terrain of our shared human desires. Blending elements of the surreal with the intimacy of a diary, Hidden Kingdom immerses the viewer in a visual landscape of movement and raw emotion: a body twists, a window becomes a portal, a curtain is lifted back to show us something new, or something familiar. Kouadio's episode is the pilot episode of Hidden Kingdom season one.

It’s 1991 and Pam is trying very hard to lose her virginity, but it sure doesn’t match up to her fantasies. Always searching for her ultimate paramour, this old soul swimming in new puberty will struggle between the real world and her grandiose fantasies by exploring a relatable variety of boys of yore-- goths, skaters, indie film snobs, straight edge poseurs-- all while trying her best to avoid being grounded. Luckily she has her best friends by her side, who’d like to keep her from cementing a mistake. This charming, animated, retro-romantic-comedy pulls no punches with its female-forward look at sexual awakening. Created by Pamela Ribon from her critically-acclaimed memoir.

While sorting through her deceased mother’s home and recording effects for her podcast, Jo discovers a disturbing sound.

After moving to Los Angeles, Nora (Emily Pendergast, Veep) and Miles (Jonathan Braylock, Astronomy Club) vow to be one of "those couples"—the ones you see buying organic soap, donating to the correct charities, posting flawless volunteer selfies; the ones who are always making the world a better place. They begin by deciding to compost their food. They spend a day driving around looking for a nonexistent compost bin while their frozen food scraps melt in the backseat -- testing their commitment to the cause (and to each other). Based on a true story. Unfortunately. Written and directed by Elvira Ibragimova. Produced by Lana Link and Rob Pfaltzgraff.

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