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F*** the high road, embrace the petty. In her video for "Pedi", Baby Tate literally pops into awkward situations to deliver an unhealthy dose of "karma".

The “Ride or Die” video was loosely inspired by The Trolley Problem Experiment, modeled and animated in 3D and hand-painted over each frame, resulting in a serene and phantasmagoric world, a vast and unknowable dreamscape in which all potential selves coexist.

This is the animated music video for a song by Conditioner about a young person falling into a cult, and subsuming their personhood and individual goals in service of this organization. It's also a song about surrendering to love. Really falling in love and building a life with someone requires that loss of independence – and that sacrifice is beautiful.

A man who pushed away or was alienated from everyone he knew until confronted with the last person in his life that mattered. This video features 3 rap artists who support the homeless alongside a non-profit called Hoodies for the Homeless. Hoodies for the Homeless is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization and cultural movement using music, fashion, and art to bring awareness to the issues of homelessness, and inspiring community participation through the collection of hoodies at live music events.

The starting point for the Omen video was to explore the theme of ‘doomed relationships’ and witness the nuanced moments where things take a wrong turn. So we meet Rueben, a troubled kid and ex-psychiatric patient who falls for his doctor. She should know better than to act on her feelings, but doesn't and leads him on an adventure into the unknown. Sex, drugs, first love and finally heartache. And that's where we pick up the story, as Ruben sets off to find them in a club and confront them both with the truth. This journey from the club doors to the stand off on the dance floor, is the framework which all his memories hang off. From their first glance across the canteen until now, the end.

A love story starring Zack Gottsagen (The Peanut Butter Falcon) and Jamie Brewer (American Horror Story), "What's Done Is Done" is the first music video to star actors with down syndrome.

Meet You At The Light offers a glimpse into the rich and tender day-to-day relationship between a daughter and her diabetic dad, within an immigrant South Asian household. As the eldest child and primary caregiver to her ailing father, she wears this badge with nobility and honour despite how challenging it may be to navigate her father’s mental, physical and emotional well-being.

Three ajummas express their love for LA's Koreatown through food, poetry and more food.

No one notices when Hana Vu erupts into a cathartic breakdown at a family event.

"Between There and Here" is about the connection we keep with the people we’ve lost. More specifically, it’s about the connection I keep with my mom, who passed away a few weeks before I wrote this song. I’d had a dream about her where we got to reconnect for a brief moment. The animated music video tells the story of someone trying to recreate a home he can only remember in fragments. At the center of this memory and house is a ghostly figure, and once they materialize, they give him a chance to let go and make peace with his grief. —Hrishikesh Hirway

This film follows an intimate story of an eccentric man and an intriguing woman, both newly single in their wiser years. We see them discover and navigate a dating landscape vastly different from the one they knew in their 20s and 30s. We explore what it might feel like for someone in their 70s to be back on the dating scene; moving through a world where chance meetings with strangers are a rarity and modes of technology build and sever bridges to our intimate human connections.

Ka Puta is about breaking enclosing barriers and finding your own path, your new journey. It contextualises escaping colonial encroachment and the western determined formula of existence.  This story is told in an interaction between two characters. One personifying the colonising culture, a missionary attempting to replace existing beliefs with his own by desecrating incarnations of traditional spirituality.  The other is our hero and represents the indigenous Māori culture. She evades the destruction and travels through an otherworldly experience that empowers her to rise up and fight for her tino rangatiratanga, her freedom.

Centered around the theme of duality and inspired by the Bible and Dante's Inferno, Lil Nas X finds himself running from the serpent from Adam & Eve, being persecuted, and riding a pole down to hell where he seduces the Devil.

Myd is fed up with the studio recording life - he hires a team to record his sound and instruments for his next song around the world. Without his usual “full control” he must battle the elements and his own stubbornly perfectionist mind while crafting the track. As the never ending trip continues, and money continues to run out they have breakdowns and breakthroughs learning the meaning of creating and collaborating as a team, while trying to avoid catastrophe and tragedy at every corner.

A burgeoning self-help guru seeking a cult following hosts a book release party for her manifesto, ‘Work On Yourself, Loser!’. As the event escalates and shifts into the bizarre, her emotionally numb followers become more and more self empowered. But what is really driving Number One Popstar to help others?

My pussy wears a mask my pussy don't play.

Peter $un aka Sunny is a self-proclaimed “Scumbaby” – a positive take on embracing one's imperfections in the pursuit of truth and happiness. Originally from Richmond, VA, now based in Los Angeles, Sunny embodies the underdog mentality through boundless self-expression in music and art. The music video "Work" is an honest depiction of a young man on his everyday grind to make ends meet. Also natives of Richmond, VA - the director/producer duo Chris Scholar and Bevin Brown effortlessly capture the essence of Sunny's free and easy demeanor.

A dinner at a regal castle where a hologram of Pop Smoke performs.

Ninian Doff’s music video ‘Out of Sight’ for Run the Jewels ft 2 Chainz stars the cast of his debut feature film 'Get Duked'. This time the Get Duked crew set out to steal the most valuable objects of all...The Jewels, with mind-bending consequences.

The two rappers swing their sharp rhymes in this dark music video.

"Like I Used To" examines a side of Sharon and Angel that their audiences have never seen. Both alone in their homes, vulnerable, isolated - before music was expected of them, when life was pure and simple. I employed the usage of split screens both in-camera and in post-production to show the powerful connection between Sharon and Angel in their different lives. From being alone at home to performing on stage, the focus remains on the duality of their existence and the idea of remaining autonomous in the world of fame.

"Quiet Nights" is a narrative music film about a young man, Thomas, who returns to his childhood home after finding out his father has passed. While there, he gets trapped in the house and must confront his abusive relationship with his father.

Tyler, The Creator performs at a children's birthday party per the request of his friend.

A puppet slowly unravels as he dances endlessly through a posh poolside and trippy desert-scape.

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