Lil Texxan

Lil Texxan is an electric, multifaceted rising music star from the Lone Star State. His music is a balance between catchiness and intensity with a firm sense of his scene, drawing influences from other Texas legends such as DSR and UGK. With a creative process based off seeing himself from the outside, Lil Texxan is both a storyteller, performer, and insane lyricist.

Lil Texxan makes a combination of lyrical rap and danceable beats tightly fused with his influences from the Texas scene. Building his career from the underground local music scene, his infectious style has now afforded him the opportunity to pack out established venues nationwide.

Lil Texxan has managed to strike a balance between the fast paced, back and forth musical dialogues of the digital era on platforms like Soundcloud as well as the interactive work he does within local underground music and live venues. Prioritizing relationships with his fans, he has created a distinct method of live performance which intertwines with the sense of rhythm in his tracks. Texxan is a prolific collaborator and can often be found alongside other emerging artists on massive tracks like Bet You Can’t.

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