credit: Kelley Losinger

Rock Eupora

Rock Eupora, the moniker for Nashville based indie rock artist Clayton Waller, has always been a heart-on-your-sleeve endeavor. His signature singable, fuzzed-out guitar hooks and stuck-in-your-head-all-afternoon choruses bring to mind Blue Album-era Weezer or the hard-charging, harmony-laden early Beatles singles.

These defining features are still present in Rock Eupora’s latest full-length album (due 2022), yet something feels different.

Waller is opening sores and exposing them to the light, reaching beyond himself with honest lyrics and ambitious musical arrangements. Lush acoustic guitars pepper the album where once you might’ve heard punchy power chords; warbly organs peer out from behind corners; and orchestral string arrangements soar into the picture, joining the cast of anthemic choruses and hooky guitars that are Waller's trademarks.

On this album, Waller is arriving at a destination. He has chosen to "feel everything" instead of fighting to suppress the unpleasant or unknown, painting a rich, multivariate self-portrait. Simply put, Rock Eupora delivers a full-bodied expression of what it means to live and to feel alive.

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