credit: Shamshawan Scott


Lowertown, an Atlanta-based band consisting of 20-year-olds Avsha and Olivia, are rejiggering “indie”—in all its residual Gen X pastiche, holdover energy— to sound like nothing else that’s ever existed before. From ad hoc, folky lo-fi soundscapes to more lacquered offerings, their music is at once nostalgic and futuristic, chaotic and orderly, wise and young in mind and spirit. Applying literary and intellectual frameworks like existentialism to music theory to their songwriting and construction, Lowertown looks back at indie’s fraught history with a wink and a knowing nod in a way that belies their youth, positioning Avsha and Olivia as not just musicians, but as cultural curators and in-house theorists similar to their Dirty Hit label mate Matt Healy.

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