credit: Vanessa Valdez


Stuck create music to bring tension to the forefront, pushing knotted post-punk to it’s breaking point, both lyrically and sonically. The band (comprised of Greg Obis, Tim Green, Donny Walsh, and David Algrim) keeps one foot in and one foot out of contemporary post-punk, drawing their own noise rock influences into the mix, creating something heavier and more feral. The band’s sound is tight, jagged, and discordant, but there’s a great deal of aggression in their approach. They manifest tension into muscular riffs and colossal rhythms, skirting between the deranged and abrasive, with sonically compelling structures and focused songwriting. The biting and often sardonic lyrics work together with the tightly wound music, a symbiosis in antagonistic spirit. 2020 saw their debut LP "Change Is Bad" (Born Yesterday Records) a picture of complicated grief from the death cult of neoliberal complacency compounded with personal loss. This past August the band released their EP "Content That Makes You Feel Good" on Exploding In Sound Records, a nervy and sprawling look at the many ways US society is designed to oppress, and how to build solidarity in the face of it.

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