JayWood is the pseudonymous indie-alternative project of Jeremy Haywood-Smith from Winnipeg Manitoba. What started as bedroom "sad jangle pop songs" just singing about how sad or miserable he was, things slowly started to change as time went on (both style and direction wise) into the more "psych funk" sound that is shown today! JayWood carries a unique sound that has been entirely self-taught, and manages to combine indie-pop with jazz chords and a psychedelic feel. His music is heart-felt and therapeutic at its core, but hosts a feel-good dance party at live performances.

Some Days – his debut release on Captured Tracks, which was written and originally recorded in 2015, the EP Some Days was born of a time of compounding transitions in Haywood-Smith’s life. JayWood is excited and ready to move forward with new inspiration

​"Electronic groove has shone brightly on JayWood, illuminating the multi-faceted sound with lightning bolts of funk, psych-rock and pop. Comfortable within these jumbled spaces, JayWood’s rhythm is ever-changing, but always consistently emerging triumphant!" - BIG FUN

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Events featuring JayWood

Mar 15, 2022
10:00pm — 10:40pm
Presented by
BreakOut West
Mar 18, 2022
8:00pm — 8:30pm
Presented by
Royal Mountain Records
Winnipeg, MB, CANADA
Indie Pop
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