Red-leather-clad and pitchfork-wielding in a playful nod to Grant Wood’s celebrated painting of 1930, Mattiel’s Mattiel Brown and Jonah Swilley proffer songs which ponder the American everyday of the 2020s as they serve up an album tasting more like home than ever before. ‘Georgia Gothic’, a magic third in Mattiel’s run of full-length albums, was shaped by time spent together on the road touring the first two albums- it is this newfound sense of intimacy between Mattiel’s members that enabled the writing of ‘Georgia Gothic’ not as two separate musicians, but rather as one creative entity. And it is precisely the forging of Mattiel’s distinct musical identity that ‘Georgia Gothic’ signals; its members guiding each other ever-homewards not just in a geographical or sonic sense, but spiritually, too.

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Events featuring Mattiel

Mar 16, 2022
1:15am — 2:00am
Presented by
Linda Perry and Alisha Ballard Present EqualizeHer
Mar 16, 2022
9:40pm — 10:10pm
Presented by
twitch x Rolling Stone Live at SXSW 2022
Mar 17, 2022
9:40pm — 10:00pm
Atlanta, GA
Indie Rock
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