BIOLUM is a cinematic PCVR experience that thrusts the user into the role of RACHAEL, an experienced diver exploring the abyss, guided by expedition leader EVA, a renowned marine scientist and mentor. Rachael discovers that bioluminescent parasites are infecting ocean flora and fauna. She gets infected herself and faces a mesmeric fight for her mind when she discovers the shocking truth behind why Eva sent her down there. Inspired by the beauty of deep sea life, BIOLUM blurs the lines between biological truth and sci-fi and taps into existential themes and cosmic wonder of the great unknown.

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photo of Abel Kohen



Abel Kohen

Executive Producer:

Igal Kohen, Katharina Weser, Paul Kirsten


Igal Kohen, Katharina Weser, Paul Kirsten


Jon Rowe

Sound Designer:

Swann Menage, Stephan Kloß,


Stephan Kloß, Swann Menage

Principal Cast:

Charlotte Rampling (EVA's voice), Dominique Tipper (RACHAEL's voice)

Additional Credits:

Asset Artists (Modelling/Texturing): Dirk Wachsmuth, Alexandre Cadinot, David Faugie, Clementine Piccor, Léa Gaudin, Timothé Degli-Innocenti, Unity Artist: Tim Schuster, Developers: Andre Wünscher, Julio Quiroz, Marvin Podsendek, Gael Chaize, Gabriel Bonnefond, Damien Godde, Tristan Languebien, Animation: Josselin Authelet, Dowison Nguyen, Fabien Le Merrer, Matthieu Espinasse, Kevin Borjon Piron, Hugo Malezieux, Environment Artist: Bela Csampai, Set Dressing / Lighting: Lucie Le Cloirec, Abel Kohen, Project Manager: Antoine Fournier, Paul Kirsten, Raphael Penasa, Roxanne Forestier, François Grosbellet, Felix Herbst, VFX: Vincent Dudouet, Marvin Podsendek, Production team: Rose Ployaert, Mathilde Naar, Margaux Rivière, Jasper Wiedhöft, Luise Wendler


Public Film Contact:

Igal Kohen

Publicity Contact:

Igal Kohen

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25 mins