(Hi)story of a Painting

Dive into an animated experience, narrated by Speech Debelle, that uncovers the story of the man behind La Grande Jatte, Georges Seurat, and its historic importance.

This painting was revolutionary in many ways - it was made possible thanks to the industrial revolution and was the precursor to what we today call the “pixel.” But it was not always well received.

The VR environment comes to life with imagery illustrating the narrative and gives a sense of scale of the artwork, allowing anyone, from anywhere in the world, to form an intimate bond with La Grande Jatte.

The experience follows Georges’ winding path to success and illustrates how an artist can come from anywhere.

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photo of Gaëlle Mourre
photo of Quentin Darras



Gaëlle Mourre, Quentin Darras


Charlotte Mikkelborg, Gaëlle Mourre


Gaëlle Mourre

Sound Designer:

Quentin Darras


Jasmin Kent Rodgman

Principal Cast:

Speech Debelle

Additional Credits:

Technical Lead: Quentin Darras, Animation: Quentin Darras, Audio Producer: Larissa Miola, Dialog Editor: Ben Leeves, Art Consultant: Dominique Darras, Unity Engagement Manager EMEA: Dave Hobbs, Unity Creative Director, Solutions EMEA: David Millard, Unity Senior Software Development Consultant: Tim Jenks, Unity Senior Software Development Consultant: Jesus Floria Garcia, Unity Software Development Consultant: Victor Lui


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Gaelle Mourre
Fat Red Bird
+44 (0) 7787726210

Publicity Contact:

Gaëlle Mourre
+44 7787726210

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