The Good Wife's Guide

The Good Wife's Guide

This film is a visual retelling of Housekeeping Monthly's article "The Good Wife's Guide" from 1955. The short film follows the advice the article gives to women, which is to serve their husband and don't ask questions. Through the lens of modern day America, The Good Wife's Guide (2020) retells the story of 1950's housewife culture.

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Chloe Merriman


Showrunner: Chloe Merriman
Director: Chloe Merriman
Executive Producer: Chloe Merriman
Producer: Chloe Merriman
Screenwriter: Chloe Merriman
Cinematographer: Chloe Merriman
Editor: Chloe Merriman
Sound Designer: Chloe Merriman
Music: Lori King


Chloe Merriman
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Chloe Merriman
Greenhill School
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Chloe Merriman
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Year: 2020
Genre: Adaptation, Animated, Experimental, History, Short Film
Screening Category: Texas High School
Country: United States
Language: English
Runtime: 2 mins