Rendang of Death

In a quaint Padang restaurant, filled with people enjoying their lunch break, two bros put their friendship to the test when it turns out that there’s only a single plate of their favorite food left: The Rendang of Death. Massacre may or may not ensue.

Rendang of Death was created with inspiration from the legendary animated short 'Bar Fight' made by the equally legendary animator Christy Karacas.

(Rendang. Google it. It's a dry beef curry from Indonesia, and it's worth killing for. Trust us.)

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Percolate Galactic

Executive Producer:

Ryan Jackson & Samantha Jackson


Michaela C. Levi


Ryan Jackson, Indraswari Pangestu, Skolastika Lupitawina


Sofyan Suharyo, Brenda Muliawan, & Dinda Wibowo

Sound Designer:

Dinda Wibowo, Brenda Muliawan, Benediktus Eduard, & Tri Harimurti


Dinda Wibowo, PS Jati, & Muhammad Andri Abdi

Principal Cast:

Bro 1: Alexander Alva Delanova, Bro 2: PS Jati, Woman 3: Sandy Octavia G, Guy 4 & Guy 12: Muhammad Fajrur Rahmat, Counter Worker: Weellsen Suyanto, Restaurant Worker 2: Sofyan Suharyo, Restaurant Worker 3: Tri Harimurti, Delivery Man: Muhammad Andri Abdi, Additional Voices: Ryan Jackson, Jip Hana, Brenda Muliawan, Skolastika Lupitawina, Indraswari Pangestu, Melissa Indria Pertiwi, Putri Firdaus, Muji Rahayu, Jennifer Noviany, Ruth Eklesia, & Rara Ravella

Additional Credits:

Director: Muhammad Andri Abdi, Story & Concept: Ryan Jackson, Storyboard Artists: Michaela C. Levi & Jip Hana, Storyboard Revisionist: Muhammad Andri Abdi, Art Director: Muhammad Andri Abdi, Character Designers: Sofyan Suharyo & Weellsen Suyanto, Background Designers: Dinda Wibowo, Brenda Muliawan, Lead Animators: Michaela C. Levi & Muhammad Andri Abdi, Animators: Jip Hana, Sofyan Suharyo, & Weellsen Suyanto, Documentation: Benediktus Eduard, Tri Harimurti, & Angelica Kosasih


Public Film Contact:

Samantha Jackson
Percolate Galactic

Publicity Contact:

Samantha Jackson

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