In a bright and colourful dojo, a bodybuilder is facing a mirror, flexing his muscles to the max. Sweat pouring out of his skin. Veins pumping blood. A forced smile to cover up the constant pain.

We hear his incoherent wandering thoughts continue. Encouraging thoughts. Meditating thoughts. Self-doubting thoughts. Disconnected. Illogical. Nonsensical but beautiful.

His rambling mind is visualised with lightning bolts shooting out of his body when he feels energised and with him levitating when he feels light and confident. When he feels empty we move inside his body and realise it’s just an empty shell.

He eventually pass out with a swarm of mini-bodybuilders circling over his head.

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Josefin Malmén

David Strindberg



Directors: Josefin Malmén, David Strindberg
Executive Producer: Josefin Malmén, David Strindberg
Producer: Josefin Malmén, David Strindberg
Screenwriter: Josefin Malmén, David Strindberg
Cinematographer: Viktor Skogqvist
Editor: Josefin Malmén, David Strindberg
Production Designer: Josefin Malmén, David Strindberg
Sound Designer: Josefin Malmén, David Strindberg
Music: Hanna Stenson, Lisa Gagerman
Principal Cast: Calle Bolund
Additional Credits: Colorist: Nicke Cantarelli, Gaffer: Magnus Karlsson, 1AC: Jonas Ernhill


Public Film Contact
Josefin Malmen
Josefin Malmen
Publicity Contact
Josefin Malmén
Primary Entry: Platinum Badge, Film Badge
Secondary Entry: Music Badge, Interactive Badge, Film Festival Wristband

Year: 2020
Genre: Comedy, Experimental, Short Film
Screening Section: Midnight Shorts Competition
Screening Category: Narrative Short
Country: Sweden
Language: English
Runtime: 4 mins