United States vs. Reality Winner

United States vs. Reality Winner

June 3, 2017. In Augusta, Georgia, a 25-year-old female Air Force veteran and NSA contractor with the unusual name Reality Winner is being interrogated by two armed male FBI agents in a backroom of her home, while nine other agents search her house. Under duress and without being read her Miranda rights, she admits to having leaked a classified document to the online publication The Intercept, blowing the whistle on Russian election interference. Immediately after her taped confession, Reality is arrested. This character-driven documentary shines light on the personal sacrifice one young woman made in order to inform the public about a threat to American democracy.

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Sonia Kennebeck




Director: Sonia Kennebeck
Executive Producer: Wim Wenders
Producer: Ines Hofmann Kanna
Cinematographer: Torsten Lapp
Editor: Maxine Goedicke
Sound Designer: Gisela Fulla Silvestre
Music: Insa Rudolph
Additional Credits: Associate Producer: Maren Poitras


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Year: 2021
Premiere Status: World Premiere
Genre: Documentary
Screening Category: Documentary Feature
Country: United States
Language: English
Runtime: 94 mins