Restoring American Democracy After An Insurrection

On January 6th, the United States Capitol, the seat of American government, was attacked. But as much as we want to believe this attack came out of nowhere, it was the culmination of years of systematic efforts to chip away at the foundations of our republic and to undermine trust and faith in our democratic institutions. The question that we must confront now as a country is, how do we move on and start to recover and rebuild from these traumatic events? With the introduction of the “For the People Act”, Senator Jeff Merkley offers an answer. Senator Merkley is a leading voice in the effort to restore the foundations of our “We the People” government by taking on issues such as voter suppression, Dark Money, gerrymandering, and the need for ethics reforms in Washington.

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photo of Dahlia Lithwick
photo of Jeff Merkley
Jeff Merkley

United States Senate

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