Indigenous Peoples Hold the Key to Saving Earth

Mar 16, 2021

11:30am – 12:30pm CT

For centuries, Indigenous communities have served as guardians of the environment, protecting nature, respecting flora and fauna, and using traditional knowledge and wisdom passed down over generations. They safeguard 80% of biodiversity left in the world, which is key to turning around the climate crisis, as biodiverse areas are major carbon sinks.

This panel features Nemonte Nenquimo, a leader from the Waorani community in Ecuador and founding member of Indigenous-led nonprofit organization Ceibo Alliance and Amazon Frontlines. She will speak with Julia Jackson, Founder of, about why climate philanthropy must be reimagined to protect the future of our planet, by directing resources to indigenous communities who are at the frontlines of our climate emergency

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photo of Mitch Anderson
Mitch Anderson

Amazon Frontline

photo of Julia Jackson
Julia Jackson

photo of Nemonte Nenquimo
Nemonte Nenquimo

Ceibo Alliance

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