Rocketing Forward in Gene Therapy

Mar 16, 2021

10:15am – 11:10am CT

Imagine walking into a hospital with your child who has an unknown disease. A nurse takes a DNA sample and in days identifies the disease’s genetic cause. Expert engineers construct a vector to replace the mutated gene, and manufacturing is mobilized to produce it, generating a life-saving treatment in months. Believe it or not, we are entering that era now. Expert gene therapists are churning out potential therapies for devastating diseases, and companies are building the manufacturing infrastructure to bring the therapies to those in need. In this panel, a scientist on the frontiers of gene therapy, the executive driving the development to make these therapies a reality for all and a parent actively searching for a therapy will discuss the uncharted territory that is gene therapy.

Programming descriptions are generated by participants and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of SXSW.

photo of Sukumar Nagendran
photo of Sarah Richards
Sarah Richards

Canale Communications

photo of Laura Sepp-Lorenzino
Laura Sepp-Lorenzino

Intellia Therapeutics

photo of RA Session
RA Session

Taysha Gene Therapies

photo of Kasey Woleben
Kasey Woleben

Cure SURF1 Foundation and Rare Village Foundation

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