Disability-Led Innovation in Future Workplaces

Mar 16, 2021

10:15am – 11:10am CT

Imagine a global economy that actively works to level the playing field across race, gender and class, and which also considers disability, the one dimension of diversity that crosses all others. How can we inclusively design technologies like AR and AI, that will power future augmented workplaces, so we don’t exclude 1.3B people with disabilities (PWDs)? How can we leverage the creativity, skills, and experiences of PWDs to design more usable future workplace tech? What role will disability play in helping businesses gain a competitive advantage? These questions, along with examples of business strategies and inclusive emerging tech, will be explored by a diverse panel: emerging tech accessibility policy consultant, leading futurist, innovative business strategist, and startup founder.

Programming descriptions are generated by participants and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of SXSW.

photo of Bill Curtis-Davidson
Bill Curtis-Davidson

Partnership on Employment and Accessible Technology

photo of Cathy Hackl
Cathy Hackl

Avatar Dimension

photo of Jonathan J Kaufman
Jonathan J Kaufman

J. Kaufman Consulting

photo of Zuby Onwuta
Zuby Onwuta

Think and Zoom

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