Journey to a Better Brain

Mar 16, 2021

10:15am – 11:10am CT

People are always seeking to be better whether it’s stronger, faster, or smarter. The recent explosion in our understanding of the brain is empowering us to take control of our own brain health, and is accompanied by a wave of products powered by neuroscience, from brain boosting nootropic pills to devices that stimulate the brain’s inherent electrical signals directly. New invasive technologies like Elon Musk’s Neuralink show great promise, but brain surgery is a formidable barrier to scaling. Non-invasive alternatives like EEG and tES could be part of Fitbit for the brain to come, but come with their own practical and ethical issues. This conversation highlights emerging tools coming out of both academia and industry, and exciting experiments happening around the world.

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photo of Iain McIntyre
photo of Vivienne Ming
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