Christopher Mondini

VP Global Stakeholder Engagement

From the stately halls of Washington DC to the hacker-dens of Silicon Valley, Christopher Mondini enjoys a front-row view of the challenges facing the tech sector in our hyperconnected era. As Vice President, Global Stakeholder Engagement at ICANN, he helps build and support a global volunteer community to keep the Internet expanding and interoperable.
Christopher is a multilingual economist, and an adept translator between professional disciplines: helping technologists understand policy makers, activists understand CEOs, and all of us understand trends shaping our digital future. As a former U.S. diplomat and corporate investigator, Christopher urges global tech companies to seek opportunities to learn from stakeholders on the ground, as well as from policy experts.
Christopher holds degrees from Georgetown and Johns Hopkins. He is a speaker and writer on the topics of Internet governance and corporate responsibility. He is still trying to figure out the appeal of Pokéman Go.

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