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Toshinari Shimokawa

Todai To Texas

Toshi co-founded and is running a project called Todai To Texas. It's an official university acceleration program for the students and startups from The University of Tokyo, a.k.a. Todai, offering them an opportunity to exhibit in SXSW TradeShow.

Toshi co-founded OpenPool, a projection-mapping billiard table, exhibited at SXSW Trade Show and Gaming Expo in 2013 & 14. The product was selected as a finalist of SXSW Interactive Awards 2014. To share the experience, he started Todai To Texas project.

Below is some (not all) of the startups and teams from Todai To Texas:
- “Inter-family” grafting technology
- Robot that makes breakfast while sleeping
- Technology to build buildings on the moon using Origami technology
- Magic wand for VR that can float you in the air
- Lighting surf board which teaches you how to surf
- Automatic deep-learning translation system for Manga
- 3D laser scanner with higher accuracy and more functions

- Robot which 3D-prints architecture with eco-friendly ingredients
- Wearable drone which levitates a person and augments jumping
- Eyeglasses for single-side deaf people
- Meta-material that can transform between flexible and stiff forms

- Powered prosthetic leg
- Voice changer using Neural Network Technology
- Glove shaped wearable device for street dancers
- Stuttering simulating device

- Water purification technology (and shower system)
- Smart garment that detects motion
- IoT platform for your old smartphones
- Pot-shaped communication device that records your voice

- Prosthetic hand made with 3D printer
- Low-cost agricultural sensors
- Printable open-source humanoid robot
- Easily configurable keyboard

- Exoskeleton that you can ride on
- Micro-satellite weighing less than 100kg
- Silver ink circuit board printer and pen
- Wrist band wearable toy that makes sounds
- Pool table with the surface of projection mapping

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Events featuring Toshinari Shimokawa
Events featuring Toshinari Shimokawa