photo of Petra Deeter

Petra Deeter

Hollywood Silver Screen Network, PressPassLA, That's My Entertainment TV

Petra Deeter is an independent journalist and reporter with over a decade of experience covering technology, entrepreneurship, film and entertainment. Most recently, she covered CES 2020 for the Hollywood Silver Screen Network, particularly with a piece on Meg Whitman, previously CEO of HP, and Jeff Katzenberg, previously Chairman of Walt Disney Studios, on the upcoming launch of a game-changing entertainment platform, Quibi. She covered the latest Emmys Awards 2019 and Remy Martin Oscars After Party 2019 for PressPassLA. Coming up, she will cover Sue Wong Oscar Gala 2020 for That's My Entertainment TV. She started in media and journalism with Mixergy where she profiled influential figures such as Simon Sinek (Start With Why), Gary Vaynerchuck (Wine Library, Vayner Media), Jimmy Wales (Wikipedia Founder), Derek Sivers (BabyCD), and Scott Harrison (Charity:Water). She is currently working on a book and a feature-length documentary about domestic violence. As a survivor, she is bringing an authentic voice and unique perspective to the topic to highlight common public misconceptions and championing effective changes to the public and policymakers.

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