Brianne McGuire

Founder, Creative Dir

I’ve been highly sexual since I can remember; there is no starting point in my memory, it was just always there. As I got older and began exploring different opportunities, my inclination to discuss and engage in sex openly grew accordingly. In college I designed lines of sex furniture, after graduation I crowdsourced a sex zine called ArtPorn; that project is what evolved over the years into a vision for a media hub that depicted sex and lifestyle content side by side. My vision was a space for content that normalized sex and everything about it.
People are afraid to talk about sex; they may not fear having it or exploring fantasies, but they don’t talk about these things openly. That fear creates shame and secrecy and affects our abilities to manage both consent and pleasure. Through the work on this site and the explorations of our podcast, I’m seeking to recontextualize and increase exposure to sex for the purpose of solving this problem.

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