Elissa Steamer

Professional Skateboarder

Elissa Beth Steamer is the first woman to have attained professional status in the history of skateboarding. Steamer’s skate career brought her from a little known street skater in 1980’s Fort Myers, Florida to her breakthrough via Ed Templeton’s Toy Machine team in the male dominated world of 1990’s street skating. The path was never smooth or easy for Steamer. But her undeniable talent, carried her to the relative state of grace where she resides today. Steamer credits surfing as the lever that helped her cast off the rusty chains of addiction. She openly accepts her status as an inherently flawed human and bravely celebrates the healing properties of baring her soul as a way to flourish in this crazy world. Today, Steamer resides in San Francisco, CA, California with her dog Randy.

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