Hazel Bain

Research Scientist
National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

Hazel Bain is a research scientist in the University of Colorado Boulder’s CIRES and at NOAA’s Space Weather Prediction Center where she develops tools and products for forecasting space weather. Born and raised in Scotland, Hazel earned her doctorate from the University of Glasgow where her research focused on solar flares. After graduation she spent seven years at the Space Sciences Laboratory at University of California, Berkeley as a team member of the NASA RHESSI spacecraft team continuing her research on solar flares. She was part of a team that designed and built a solar gamma-ray telescope which flew on a high-altitude balloon around the continent of Antarctica. Now based in Boulder, she focuses her research on space weather and in particular, solar radiation storms, which can pose a radiation hazard for astronauts in space, and passengers and crew on polar flight routes as well as causing satellite malfunctions and problems for high frequency communication technologies.

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