Out of the Blue (1980) 4K Restoration (2019)

Dennis Hopper directs and stars in "Out of the Blue" (1980) - a spiritual sequel to his own "Easy Rider", chronicling the collapse of sixties idealism into the nihilistic haze of the 1980s. Don (Hopper) is a truck driver in prison for drunkenly smashing his rig into a school bus. Linda Manz (Days of Heaven) plays his daughter CeBe, a teen rebel obsessed with Elvis and the Sex Pistols. Her mother, (Sharon Farrell) waitresses, shoots up drugs and takes refuge in the arms of other men. CeBe runs away to Vancouver’s punk scene and ends up on probation. After Don’s release, the family struggles to re-connect before the revelation of dark secrets leads to a harrowing conclusion.

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Dennis Hopper




Director: Dennis Hopper
Executive Producer: Paul Lewis
Producer: Producers: Leonard Yakir, Gary Jules Juvenat, Restoration Producers: John Alan Simon, Elizabeth Karr
Screenwriter: Leonard Yakir and Brenda Nielson
Cinematographer: Marc Champion
Editor: Doris Dyck
Production Designer: David Hiscox
Music: Tom Lavin
Principal Cast: Linda Manz, Dennis Hopper, Sharon Farrell, Don Gordon, Raymond Burr
Additional Credits: Producer (Restoration): John Alan Simon, Producer (Restoration): Elizabeth Karr, Presenter (Restoration): Chloë Sevigny, Presenter (Restoration): Natasha Lyonne, Executive Producer (Restoration): Jon Anderson, Co-Executive Producer (Restoration): Victor Grippi, Associate Producer (Restoration): William Campbell, Associate Producer (Restoration): Brian Gulbrandsen, Associate Producer (Restoration): Andrew Ford


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Year: 2019
Premiere Status: U.S. Premiere
Genre: Drama
Screening Section: Special Events
Screening Category: Narrative Feature
Country: Canada, United States
Language: English
Runtime: 95 mins